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Ranger Country Stories

RANGER® has been there getting the job done with you for over 20 years-and we want to hear your stories.

Share Your RANGER Story

Polaris® RANGER® is the #1 trusted vehicle for hunters, farmers, ranchers and landowners getting jobs done big and small. Whether you’re rounding up your cattle, fixing fences, hauling back big game or spending time with family on your property, there is a RANGER story to be told. Share yours today.

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Story Inspiration

We want to hear stories big and small, so here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • How RANGER helps you get more work done or tackle the toughest jobs
  • Why RANGER is your #1 choice when you go out on a hunt, to camp or fish
  • What memories you've made and good times you've had with family, friends and your RANGER


See the below stories from RANGER owners like you.

Submit your story one of three ways:

1) Upload a short video with you using your RANGER and how much you enjoy it
2) Upload 1+ photos of your RANGER being used
3) Tell us in your own words how much you love your RANGER and why (minimum of 250 words).

*Photos and videos are encouraged and should have riders wearing appropriate safety gear, including but not limited to helmets.

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Dog's best friend

Dog’s Best Ranch Friend

“I bought the RANGER 800 in 2011. Mainly to use it on the ranch. I have pulled a Nissan truck, small trailer with hay bales, fencing supplies, grandkids, and even logs to my portable saw mill. Problem is after taking our Aussie, Sheila, out riding she now thinks it's hers. She jumps in when I enter the shop. It has never faltered once. After getting used to it and spoiled by its smooth ride, I replaced my old ARC with a 500. Again smooth, and it wields a bit of yeeha.”

– Danny from TX

Freedom with Ranger

Freedom with RANGER

“In 2013, I become paralyzed from a fall at work. While still in the hospital my wife bought me a 2013 RANGER 800 fitted with hand controls so I could drive it when I got home. Just fourteen days after returning home, I shot a 10-point buck while hunting from my RANGER. This was a huge accomplishment for two reasons: 1) my first buck ever and 2) the RANGER assisted me in my shooting and loading of the deer. My RANGER helps me daily to get around on our property. I’m able to take my kids to the creek, run crawfish baskets, hunt and help maintain the property. I’ve had the RANGER for a little over four years and have put 5,600 miles on it. It’s been a life saver for me since my injury and allowed me to accomplish so much in the outdoors since.”

– Jeffrey from GA

Polaris Family

Polaris Family

“What Polaris RANGER mean to my family and I could never be taken away. Our family has a full line of Polaris machines from 4-wheelers to snowmobiles to side-by-sides, but there is something about what the RANGER has to offer to our family that is irreplaceable. Being able to enjoy the outdoors has always been an important family affair, and with the help from the RANGER, it makes it even better. Our RANGERs are used pretty much every day all year from use on our hobby farm to out in the woods making food plots, as well as fishing all winter long. The RANGER is our number one choice because of the dependability and reliability that our family has received from it. Our RANGER vehicles bring our family together to enjoy the outdoors spanning all generations.”

– Cody from MN


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