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Finding RANGER Accessories

To determine if an accessory fits your Polaris RANGER, consult the fitment tool at the top of the accessory page.

If you are logged into your Polaris account, you can select a vehicle from your garage to see if the accessory is compatible. If you know your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number, you can use the Search by VIN feature to determine if an accessory is compatible with your vehicle. 

You can also search for your vehicle by using the main fitment tab, Select A Vehicle. Enter your vehicle's year, model type, trim and color to see fitment options. 

fitment tool


The fitment tool will turn green if the accessory matches your vehicle and yellow if it does not (as shown below). 


Accessories also may be filtered by fit from the main Accessories page of the RANGER website. Using this filter allows you to only view accessories compatible with your RANGER.

fitment tool

View the full line of RANGER accessories to learn more. To find replacement parts for your existing accessories, refer to the following articles.

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