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Using 3D Flyover

The Polaris RIDE COMMAND 3D flyover feature allows riders to relive any tracked ride from an overhead view in 3D.

To track a ride, click the TRACK RIDE button in the Rides tab of the RIDE COMMAND app, as shown below. All of your tracked rides will be saved to your account on the RIDE COMMAND website.

Track ride

To use the 3D flyover feature, visit the RIDE COMMAND website. From any page on that site, click on RIDES/PLACES at the top of the screen.

Rides and places

Click on any tracked ride. This will bring you to a tracked ride summary view, as shown below. The 3D flyover will begin playing automatically. Ride statistics are shown below the 3D playback.

3 D play back

You also may view a 3D flyover by selecting any tracked ride from the map page. Use the menu on the left-hand side of the page or the map surface.

Tracked rides

The panel on the left-hand side of the map page will now contain an image with a play button.

Play button

Click the play button to view the 3D flyover.

3 D fly over

If a ride does not generate correctly or if statistics do not fill in, rename the ride. This will force it to regenerate.

To delete or download one or more tracked rides, click on RIDES/PLACES on the top of the screen.

Click the checkbox on any item you wish to select.

Select items

Once the item is selected, the page will go into selection mode. You may continue to click on other items to add them to the batch for deletion or downloading.

You can switch between tracked rides and saved places in selection mode. You can select as many of each as you like. A total of how many are selected is shown next to the tab on the left.

Selected items

Another way to enter selection mode is to click ACTIONS.

Action button

When you are done with selection mode (whether you entered with the actions button or through clicking the checkbox), select either DOWNLOAD or DELETE from the actions menu. If you want to cancel out of selection mode, click the X in the top right of the actions menu.

Actions menu

The download option will download all of the selected items into a single GPX file. This allows you to view your 3D flyovers offline.

For more information on Ride Command, visit the RIDE COMMAND website.