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RANGER XP 1000 Accessories


Leverage the full capabilities of your machine year-round. Build your own Pro Shield Cab System by choosing a roof, a windshield, a rear panel, and doors.

A Polaris Ranger rider sitting on the back of the vehicle

Protection From the Elements

To shield against driving rain or the blistering sun, a roof is the first must-have in building a RANGER Pro Shield™ Cab System.

A close look at a Ranger XP 1000 with windshield

Maximize Visibility

Seal out rain, snow, and cold wind with crystal clear vision. Lock & Ride technology allows you to install it when you need to and remove it when you don't - quickly and easily.

A Ranger rider leaning on the back of the vehicle

Prevent Dust Swirl

Add a rear panel to seal out the elements such as dust swirl, rain, and snow while also reducing unwanted cab noise.

A Polaris Ranger vehicle in a farm with greenfield

Upgrade For Ultimate Comfort and Style

Add a new level of interior comfort and the best seal with the RANGER Pro Shield door line.


Make work easier with your vehicle built to add essential accessories for any job.

Close view of a Ranger bumper with winch

Get More Done

Designated mounting points and pre-wired contactors ensure a perfect fit and the strongest place to attach the Polaris Engineered Pro HD™ winch - the most dependable winch for your RANGER.

A Polaris Ranger vehicle pushing snow with a plow

Year-Round Capabilities

The attachment points for the best-in-class Glacier® Plow System are integrated right at the factory and feature an innovative drive-up and go installation process.

A Polaris Ranger XP 1000 in the dark with the lights on

Plug & Play Integration

A revolution in electrical accessory integration, the Polaris PULSE Electrical System allows for a simple Plug & Play approach for adding power to Polaris Engineered Accessories.


Tackle any job and lead nothing behind with Lock & Ride Storage Accessories.

Back view of a Polaris Ranger vehicle with Tonneau Cover on the bed

Keep Your Gear Protected From the Elements

Keep your gear secured and protected from the elements with our Tonneau Cover for your rear cargo bed.

Two Ranger vehicles in the woods

Maximize Storage Capability

Either extend the rear of your cargo box beyond the tailgate for additional UTV storage or divide the cargo to keep cargo separate and organized

A Polaris Ranger XP 1000 on a farm

Enhanced Cargo Versatility

There are simply no limits to the number of things you can bring, strap to, or attach to this adaptable Lock & Ride Tip Down Headache Rack.

**Availability of some equipment, options and/or features, including Wi-Fi connectivity on Ride Command models, may be limited or not available due to global supply issues affecting our industry. Please continue to build your vehicle and request local dealer price but be sure to work with your local Polaris dealer to ensure the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment.

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