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The Ultimate RANGER Experience

In Celebration of RANGER's 20th Anniversary, Polaris® would like to honor RANGER owners by hearing your stories and selecting the best to go on the Ultimate RANGER Experiences.


These experiences were created around the activies that are loved and cherished in RANGER Country--rodeo, fishing and hutning. We brought in our top partners from each pasttime to join you on these experiences to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more about each below.

Ultimate RANGER Experience

The Ultimate Rodeo Experience with Tyson Durfey

The Ultimate Rodeo Experience is a 2-day adventure with world champion tie-down roper Tyson Durfey on his Texas ranch.


The experience includes a tour of Tyson’s property, training facilities, and the camper he spends most of the year traveling in. Tyson will then show our winner how he trains, practice some roping, and enjoy some of his favorite ranch pastimes, including horseback riding and RANGER riding.


The Ultimate Fishing Experience with David Dudley

The Ultimate Fishing Experience is an angler’s dream — 2 days with professional fisherman David Dudley.


The trip includes a once-in-a-lifetime fishing excursion on a private lake in David’s competition boat. He’ll demonstrate how to get the best catch, share tips he's learned over his career, and show off the tools that a pro uses. They might even go on a RANGER trail ride.

Ultimate Fishing Experience
Ultimate Fishing Experience
The Ultimate Hunt Experience

The Ultimate Hunting Experience with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

The Ultimate Hunting Experience is a 2-day hunting adventure with professionals Lee & Tiffany Lakosky from the TV show CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany.


Lee & Tiffany will take our lucky winner pheasant hunting, where they’ll share all of the tricks they've learned over the years for a successful hunt. They’ll also go for a RANGER ride, where Lee & Tiffany will demonstrate how they use RANGER to up their hunting game.

The Ultimate Hunt Experience