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The Ultimate RANGER Experience

In Celebration of RANGER's 20th Anniversary, Polaris® would like to honor RANGER owners by hearing your stories and selecting the best to go on the Ultimate RANGER Experiences.


These experiences were created around the activies that are loved and cherished in RANGER Country--rodeo, fishing and hutning. We brought in our top partners from each pasttime to join you on these experiences to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more about each below.

Big Jobs

Got a big job? Get a big helper. Introducing the all-new 6-passenger RANGER CREW® XP 1000. It packs the most horsepower, carries the most man power, hauls the most gear and goes wherever you need to get. RANGER CREW®XP 1000. The New Standard for 6-Passenger Utility.

Property Maintenance

With 13” ground clearance, 1,000 lb. dump box and 82 horsepower, the RANGER XP® 1000 will be your new favorite helper.


Everybody loves a winner. Case in point – RANGER Utility Side by Sides. RANGER is the favorite work horse of farmers and ranchers, the ultimate pack mule for hunters, and go-to partner for hardworking homeowners.

Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better - especially when you're talking the all-new RANGER XP 1000. Get more work done with the most payload and towing capacity available.


When the road stops, the work starts – which is why you need the all-new RANGER XP 1000. With the highest ground clearance, most suspension travel, and the best all-wheel drive, the all-new RANGER XP 1000 makes you unstoppable.


RANGER gives you the industry’s biggest and best accessories collection. With RANGER, you always have the perfect outfit for every job.

RANGER vs. The Competition

With industry leading torque and pulling power, a center console for storage, refined passenger comfort, and the revolutionary Pro Fit Cab System, the XP 1000 is in a class by itself.

1 Millionth RANGER

We’ve made over a million machines that give hard work a good name. It’s time to join the RANGER army.
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