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RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Features


Every detail of the refined interior puts the driver and passengers first for unmatched comfort and convenience.

Ample Storage

The innovative cab comes standard with 13.5 gal. of storage, including under-seat driver storage, flip-up passenger seat configurable space, and in-floor features for D-Rings.

A look inside the Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar

In-Cab Essentials

Integrated dual glove box for secure, easy to access storage. Enjoy the convenience of 6 oversized cup holders for tumblers or cell phones and 2 bottle holders.

All-Day Comfort

Plush cushion seats and rider-centric features including adjustable steering wheel and seat slider for maximum comfort for long days.


Strength meets comfort with a 50% more durable clutch and an industry-leading 6,000 mile service interval.

Performance With Precision

3-position, user-selectable throttle control to select from Performance, Work and Standard mode depending on your application.

Closeup of the Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar tires

Heavy Duty Tires

Massive 29” 6-Ply tires and 14" wheels, providing unrivaled traction and puncture resistance for sharp elements on the terrain.

Maximum Protection

When the terrain rears its ugly head, the full-body skid plate and 14” of ground clearance provides the most under-body and front-end protection on the market.

Zoomed in view of the Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar winch

Polaris PRO HD 4,500 lb Winch

Provides the power to pull and the confidence to roam with a factory-installed winch to remove trees, plow snow, or take on any task or terrain.


Every detail of the refined interior puts the driver and passengers first for unmatched comfort and convenience.

Half Ton Capacity

Deeper, bigger and stronger, this cargo box lets you make quicker work of big jobs with a class-leading 1,000 lb hauling capability.

5-Gallon Bucket Rings

Every detail has been scrutinized to deliver maximum benefit and capability including the perfectly dimensioned cargo box that fits four 5-gallon buckets across in a single row.

Reinforced Tie-Down Points

You can haul more, more securely with four standard tie-down points to ensure your load stays secure, even in rugged terrain.


Enjoy the utlimate off-road in-cab experience by upgrading to the NorthStar Ultimate

Side view of the Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar Windshield

Pro Shield Full Glass Tip-Out Windshield

Close to enjoy protection from the elements or open to experience breeze and get an open-cab feel. Utilize the vented option for something in-between.

Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar window switches

Power Window Front Poly Doors

Enjoy the convenience that comes with power windows, featuring a sure-closing, tight sealing 360° gasket seal to the vehicle.

Industry-Exclusive Ride Command

Enjoy a 7" infotainment system featuring GPS mapping, Plow Mode and Group Ride connectivity to plan, track, and share ride routes.

Close look of the Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar led headlights

LED Headlights

Work doesn’t have a curfew. The all-new LED headlights provide a bold, refined look while offering enhanced lighting for those early morning or late night tasks.

Closeup of the new Ranger XP 1000 NorthStar battery charging port

Battery Charging Port

Conveniently and safely charge your battery so you know your vehicle is ready to work when you are.

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