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Events on Ride Command App

Using the Ride Command app, you can create events for your upcoming rides and attach tracks, waypoints and photos. Then set a date and time and share the event with anyone.

If you make your event public, it allows other riders to discover it on the Nearby Events list. Clubs and organizations can use this feature to create ride events and allow others to discover them.

To view and create events:

1. From the EVENTS tab, you can search for nearby events, view saved events and view events you have created. Events can be shared, and clicking on the save button will save it to your MY EVENTS section.  

Events tab

2. Clicking on the event will bring up the event details, including the start and end dates, location of the event and photos. Tracked rides, waypoints, routes and collections can also be added to events.  

Event example

3. Events can only be created in the app from the MY EVENTS section. To create an event, click on CREATE in the upper right corner. When creating an event, the user can make the event public or private. Public events can be seen by anyone. Private events only can be viewed by people the user shares the event with.

4. Required fields when creating an event are title, start date and time, and address or location.

Create an event

5. You can enter an address or press the SET MEETING LOCATION button. This will bring you to the map, where you can set the location by dropping a pin on the map.

Set event location

6. When the required fields are filled in, pressing NEXT will bring you to the next screen. There you can add a description, web link or content from your RIDES tab. Pressing CREATE will finish the process and open the finished event.

7. The event will be saved in MY EVENTS.  You can edit your event by opening it and clicking on EDIT in the upper right corner.


For more information, visit the Ride Command website.
The Ride Command app is available for iPhone® and iPad® and on Google Play®.

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