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Why is Polaris asking about changing my pre-sold order?
Due to a supply chain shortage impacting semiconductor chips, impacting our ability to produce RIDE COMMAND displays, we are offering customers who have been waiting for a pre-sold to convert to a unit without RIDE COMMAND, audio and cameras for quicker shipment. 
How do I find out if I have an order that is eligible for conversion?
If you have an existing order that is eligible for conversion, you will receive an email communication from Polaris Off-Road ( and your dealer will contact you. 
What features are available on the RIDE COMMAND package?
The specific components of the RIDE COMMAND package depend on your model, but they generally feature the 7" infotainment screen, audio speakers and camera. 
Why is my order not being offered to convert to the new model?
The ability to convert to the new model is being offered to the oldest orders in the system. If you're not receiving the option to convert, you can expect a delivery time as noted on your order tracker found on, pending supply chain.
If I convert my order, will the tracker online also be updated?
Yes, the order tracker will update to your new order. Please allow a few days for the system to update after your updated order has been placed by the dealer. 
What abilities do I lose without Wi-Fi?
The display will include connection capabilities through Bluetooth®. However, it may no longer be equipped with Wi-Fi connecting capability, again due to the chip shortages. Account sync and satellite map downloads timing may increase, and you will be required to update firmware and maps via USB. 
What options do I have for audio while I wait?
At this time, we are experiencing supply challenges on audio. However, we do have select offerings available across product lines. Please work with your dealer on audio options for your specific vehicle. 
Am I able to get the RIDE COMMAND Package installed at a later date?
Yes, the unit will be able to accept RIDE COMMAND, which will be available on our PG&A website when inventory becomes available. 
What will the warranty be on the RIDE COMMAND package when purchased at a later date? And does it need to be installed by a dealer?
The RIDE COMMAND display and Polaris accessories carry a 1-year warranty. We recommend dealers install the RIDE COMMAND package. 
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