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Off-Road Audio - 4 x 6.5 Visor Audio System by MB Quart®

Numéro d’article 2882888
1 069,99 $ CAD
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Description du produit

The premium MB Quart® Audio Visor is specifically designed for the RANGER and provides a one-step solution for your UTV audio system. The AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth® UTV stereo source unit offers various connectivity options for any device. A built in 300-watt amplifier efficiently powers the 4 - 6.5-inch marine grade coaxial speakers for an evenly balanced frequency and SPL distribution. MB Quart® engineers have incorporated the Q-Stasis preamp stage which provides ultra-low noise through the single path. That low noise input is paired with our Class Q1 proprietary Full Range Class D Topology for a real-sound quality powerhouse. The 6.5-inch mid speakers utilize a Mica Filled Poly cone to deliver powerful, deep bass notes with a very musical midrange section which is very important to instruments and voices in the musical spectrum. These cones also give the speakers incredible strength and improve its waterproof rating. The titanium dome tweeters deliver a superior sound quality over aluminum. They have a very smooth high frequency with the added benefit of additional output which is critical in an off-road vehicle. The speakers are IPX67 rated, which means that they are protected from the harsh elements every ride. The system is designed by MB Quart® and Polaris® engineers to assure that every nut, screw and bracket is perfectly fitted to your machine, which means no unwanted buzzes or rattles. The kit installs easily under the RANGER® roof using simple hand tools. All of the necessary mounting hardware and new plug are included as well as four switch blanks to offer convenient locations for additional switched accessories. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc.

Aperçu et spécifications

  • One (1) Set Bluetooth®, Apple® Control, AM/FM Visor Stereo & 4 X 6.5 in. Speakers by MB Quart®
  • All-in-one premium audio solution for your RANGER
  • AM/FM/Bluetooth® stereo source offers various connectivity and listening options
  • 300-watt amplifier powers four 6.5 in. marine grade coaxial speakers
  • Titanium dome tweeters deliver superior sound quality
  • Speakers utilize Mica Filled Poly cone for rich, wide-ranging sound
  • IPX67 rated, ensuring maximum weather and ride resistance
  • Installs easily under RANGER roof using simple tools
Couleur Black
Caractéristiques de confort
  • One-step audio solution for your utv audio system
  • AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth® stereo
  • Integrated 300 watt amplifier
  • 4 - 6.5-inch off-road grade coaxial speakers
  • .75-inch titanium dome tweeters
  • Remote mount USB/3.5mm input plug for mounting in the dash panel
  • Installs easily under the RANGER® roof using simple hand tools
  • Includes all of the necessary mounting hardware and new plug for wiring
  • 4 switch blanks offer convenient locations for additional switched accessories
  • Garantie Warranty Information

    Off-Road Grade Audio

    Polaris®, combined with MB Quart®, engineers off-road grade audio equipment that's proven in the harshest conditions.  

    Ce qui est inclus

    • Overhead audio enclosure, 4 6.5 inch speakers, radio, harness, antenna, mounting hardware

    Concevoir pour s'adapter

    • 2020 RANGER XP 1000 Texas Edition
    • 2020 RANGER XP 1000 Premium
    • 2020 RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Premium
    • 2020 RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Edition
    • 2020 RANGER XP 1000 High Lifter Edition
    • 2020 RANGER Diesel
    California residents: WARNING