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Premier Productivity and Performance 


Polaris® tracks for UTV are built for productivity and performance. Designed, engineered and built specifically for the Polaris® RANGER®, our UTV tracks will keep you going season after season. Our Polaris® RANGER® track system’s mounting hardware, drive system gearing and design are all engineered specifically for the RANGER® to ensure peak performance. 


Built for Durability and Reliability


Polaris® UTV track systems can withstand extreme terrain and weather conditions. The triangular design and geometry ensure that weight is distributed evenly across the load to reduce down pressure and prevent you from getting stuck in deep snow. Our snow tracks for UTV offer unmatched durability, with triple sealed main bearings and an oil bath bearing housing designed to resist contamination and extend the life of your UTV.


Unmatched Off-Road Traction


Sometimes even the most rugged off-road tires can’t get the job done. In those situations, you need rubber RANGER® tracks to maintain a consistent grip with the ground. Extra wide rubber-coated mid rollers with double-sealed bearings provide stubborn resistance to ice build-up in the winter. To install, you’ll first need to obtain Polaris® RANGER® track mounts.


The Finest All-Season Track System


When you have an all-season UTV track system, no terrain is too rugged for you to conquer. Easily ride over jagged rocks, through deep snow and shallow streams. If you’re looking for the most authentic, durable and high-quality tracks for Polaris® RANGER®, look no further than the Prospector® Pro Track system. For the rest of your Polaris® RANGER® needs, visit our Accessories and Parts & Service pages for more ways to customize your experience.